FRICKE Social Run - Record amount for a good cause

FRICKE Group donates record sum

As part of the FRICKE Social Run 2022, employees from the FRICKE Group collected a record amount of donations with their sporting endeavours. All in all they raised a total of €28,166 in four weeks, and every penny will go to a good cause. In addition to regional and international projects, the FRICKE Social Run 2022 also marks the start of a collaboration between the FRICKE Group and the non-profit organisation Viva con Agua.

Employees from the FRICKE Group have made their contribution to a good cause with the third FRICKE Social Run. Colleagues from both the German and overseas branches of the Heeslingen-based company collected two euros for every kilometre they ran or walked for four weeks, with all proceeds going to the fundraising campaign. Together they covered a record distance of 11,583 kilometres. In addition to a fixed donation for regional projects, the company collected a total of €28,166 - the highest amount ever for the FRICKE Social Run.

Active worldwide

With 257 runners from 14 countries and 11,583 kilometres covered in 1732 individual runs, the FRICKE Social Run 2022 was the FRICKE Group's most successful campaign of this kind to date. In addition to runners from European branches such as Denmark, France, Spain and Poland, employees from the Taipei branch in Taiwan also took part in the fundraising campaign.
The campaign, which was already very popular with employees overseas, also supported three international projects this year. This year's financial aid went to a children's charity in Portugal, a cancer charity in Poland and a Romanian NGO working to improve the public health system there. In addition, seven charitable institutions from the Elbe-Weser region received help from the FRICKE Social Run 2022 to implement their core projects. These ten projects each received a donation of €1658.

Water is a human right

As part of the FRICKE fördert initiative, the Heeslingen-based FRICKE Group has been supporting special projects implemented by charitable institutions in the region for several years. By promoting international projects and organisations, the group aims to meet its corporate responsibility at a global level. For this reason, the FRICKE Group has now announced its support of the non-profit organisation Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.

The collaboration started with the FRICKE Social Run 2022. The family-run company from Heeslingen is pleased to provide the Hamburg-based organisation with a first donation of €11,583 to be used for water projects in Uganda. The One WASH programme is part of Viva con Agua’s holistic approach aimed at providing access to clean drinking water, as well as promoting good hygiene and ensuring long-term use of the facilities being built.

Further campaigns by the FRICKE Group in collaboration with Viva con Agua will follow.

“Viva con Agua stands for joyful engagement, and that is exactly what the FRICKE Social Run is. So we are extremely pleased about this collaboration with the FRICKE Group, and that they will be supporting our vision of giving everyone access to clean drinking water,” said Carolin Stüdemann, Managing Director of Viva con Agua, about the partnership.

“Whether they take part or support those who do, seeing how committed our colleagues are to the FRICKE Social Run year after year is a real motivator. I am delighted that we are once again able to support such a wide range of projects and organisations thanks to the record sum raised this year, and that in Viva con Agua we have found a partner with whom we can do good worldwide,” said Hans-Peter Fricke proudly.