100 years of FRICKE

In 1923, Dietrich Fricke laid the foundations for one of Europe's leading companies in the agriculture sector. The business that you see today comprising seven divisions, 84 locations in 27 countries and 3725 full-time employees started life 100 years ago as a small village blacksmith's shop in Heeslingen, Lower Saxony.

Using a borrowed field forge and an anvil, work in 1923 looked very different from what we know today. Shoeing and agricultural trailer construction were hard jobs that had to be done without the help of machines. Times were hard in the 1930s and 1940s as a result of the Great Depression and the Second World War. But with passion and commitment, Dietrich Fricke and his handful of employees soon established a good reputation for themselves among the farmers in the region. As a result, even in the early years the first agricultural machinery manufacturers put their trust in the fledgling Heeslingen-based company.

Dietrich Fricke’s second oldest son Wilhelm inherited his father’s entrepreneurial spirit, something which became apparent following Dietrich’s untimely death in 1953. After taking over the family business at the age of just 23, Wilhelm Fricke soon convinced other well-known manufacturers to put their agencies in the hands of his company. Business was booming, and more locations were opened and new employees taken on. In 1966 the company moved to its current premises, once again demonstrating Wilhelm Fricke's vision. Located on the outskirts of Heeslingen, it still offers the potential for future growth.

In 1972 the business was presented with another opportunity: to purchase replacement parts from the discontinued Hanomag production facility in Hanover. This substantial range expansion opened up global sales opportunities for the family business, and the investment therein formed the basis for the foundation of GRANIT PARTS in 1996. The FRICKE Group’s largest division is now one of Europe's leading replacement parts wholesalers for agricultural and construction machinery, garden, forestry and municipal technology as well as commercial vehicles and forklifts.

In 1992 Hans-Peter Fricke took over the business from his father Wilhelm. He then appointed Holger Wachholtz as a second managing director, and together they expanded the company – which is located in the Elbe-Weser region – to include new business areas.

Over the years the FRICKE Group has diversified. In addition to the traditional agricultural machinery and replacement parts trade, the group is now also active in the following areas: commercial vehicles, construction machinery, garden, forestry and municipal technology, and forklift parts. Now in its third generation, the FRICKE Group is still very much a picture of success today.

An important milestone in the company’s history was its expansion outside Germany starting in 2001. The FRICKE Group continues to open up new sales markets, with the first branches across Europe followed by distributors and purchasing offices all over the world.

Today, the FRICKE Group is known internationally for its passion for service and technology, as well as its commitment to collaborative work. Looking ahead to a future with Philipp and Adrian Fricke at the helm, the fourth generation of the family business is on course for another 100 years of growth.

The celebrations for 100 years of FRICKE took place within the setting of a festive gala with almost 1,000 invited guests from the industry. Get an impression of this special event here:
100 Years of Growth - The FRICKE Group celebrates its 100th anniversary