Wilhelm-Fricke-Strasse opens in Heeslingen

From now on the "Wilhelm-Fricke-Straße" in Heeslingen commemorates the life and work of the entrepreneur Wilhelm Fricke, who died in 2013 and successfully managed the Fricke family business from 1953 to 1992.

A particular milestone in Wilhelm Fricke's career was the company's move from the centre of Heeslingen to its current headquarters in Zum Kreuzkamp in 1966. The location on the outskirts of Heeslingen has enabled continuous growth in all areas of the company up to the present day, but a necessary expansion of the agricultural machinery operation was no longer possible at the previous location. "We absolutely wanted to keep the nucleus of the Fricke Group at the main location in Heeslingen. So we decided to give Fricke Landmaschinen a new home in the immediate vicinity," Hans-Peter Fricke describes the background.

"We are very proud to be able to honour my father's life's work with the new agricultural machinery factory in the street named after him."

— Hans-Peter Fricke

There was a small ceremony to officially open the road on 15 April in the presence of representatives of the municipality of Heeslingen and the joint municipality of Zeven.

Together with Helma Fricke, who was also present, Heeslingen's mayor Gerhard Holsten, who accompanied Wilhelm Fricke for many decades, recalled the time.

"In 1966, very simple conditions prevailed everywhere and the new company was something quite extraordinary in the region at that time. It took a lot of courage, trust in his employees and himself, as well as strong support within the family to take this big step.

— Gerhard Holsten

Gerhard Holsten concludes his speech by looking in the direction of the new agricultural machinery operation: "Today, as Heeslinger, we are happy about the way the company has developed, especially in the last decades, and grateful that the Fricke company remains true to its roots. The address of Fricke Landmaschinen GmbH in Heeslingen is therefore now "Wilhelm-Fricke-Straße 5". The address of the company headquarters with Fricke Holding GmbH and Wilhelm Fricke SE will remain "Zum Kreuzkamp 7".