New company record


This year, 75 apprentices and dual students start their professional life in the FRICKE Group. Of these, 27 are at the headquarters in Heeslingen. This means that the company is currently training a total of 234 young people - a new company record. On August 1, the Heeslingen-based family business offered an introductory event for all commercial apprentices and dual students at its main site. On September 23, 2022 interested school students in Heeslingen can find out more about the apprenticeship opportunities offered by the FRICKE Group. For more information, visit

In 2022, the FRICKE Group will continue to be an attractive training company throughout Germany and especially in the Elbe-Weser region. With the start of the new training year, the traditional company from Heeslingen is training more apprentices and dual students than ever before in the company's history: 234 in total. On August 1st, 75 young people across Germany started their careers in the FRICKE Group. 27 of these are at the headquarters in Heeslingen.

The FRICKE Group has attached particular importance to apprenticeships ever since it was founded. The company offers its apprentices and dual students versatile and modern vocational training. In addition to regular department changes and business English lessons, the apprentices and students at FRICKE can expect various events each year, such as barbecues with the management, and excursions to partner companies as well as to trade fairs, and the opportunity to spend time abroad at the European locations of the FRICKE Group. In this way, the company not only offers an exciting apprenticeship that provides the best possible preparation for professional life, but also makes a major contribution to broadening one's own horizons.

Interested school students can once again obtain detailed information about the range of apprenticeships offered by the FRICKE Group at this year's Apprenticeship Info Day. In addition to representatives from the specialist departments, apprentices and dual students also report on their everyday life in the FRICKE Group. Furthermore, those interested will receive valuable application tips and deeper insights into the family business. The event will take place on September 23 between 15:00 and 17:00 at the FRICKE Group site in Heeslingen.
Applications for apprenticeships starting on August 1, 2023 are now being accepted. All details about the apprenticeship opportunities and the possibility to apply online are available at