Heeslingen youth fire brigade receives new club vehicle

Heeslingen Youth Fire Brigade is pleased about a generous donation from the FRICKE Group

As part of the celebrations for 100 years of FRICKE, the 57th Heeslingen agricultural machinery show in March 2023 with many attractions for the whole family. A special highlight in Heeslingen also benefited a good cause. 100% of the proceeds from the Ferris wheel went to the Heeslingen youth fire brigade. The FRICKE Group was in so doing so able to contribute €5,693 towards the purchase of a new bus. The vehicle purchased from FRICKE Commercial Vehicles was now ceremoniously handed over to the youth fire brigade by Hans-Peter Fricke.

Promoting regional clubs and organizations has been a particular concern of the FRICKE Group for years. With the initiative FRICKE Promotes The Heeslingen family business regularly supports special projects. The Heeslingen youth fire brigade was also pleased to receive a generous donation in March. At the 57th Heeslingen agricultural machinery show, the proceeds from all the ferris wheel rides in Heeslingen went to the local club. A total of €5,693 was raised with the help of the spectator magnet. The Heeslingen youth fire brigade has now invested this sum and the money of other supporters in purchasing a new club bus.

The subsidiary FRICKE Commercial Vehicles also supported the association with the purchase. Local fire chief Roland Beneke and members of the youth fire brigade were now able to receive the new Fiat Ducato in Heeslingen. The nine-seater was ceremoniously handed over by Hans-Peter Fricke, Managing Director of the FRICKE Group, and Michael Schwarz, Sales Manager of FRICKE Commercial Vehicles. In the future, the vehicle will not only be used for fire brigade events organized by the youth fire brigade, but also for training and operational trips by the Heeslingen volunteer fire brigade.

“The Heeslingen fire department is an important institution in our village community. Contributing to the purchase of a new vehicle was therefore no question at all for us. We are pleased that we continue to make it possible for children and young people to take part in exciting events,” says Hans-Peter Fricke.